Physical or mental, good or bad, pleasurable or otherwise, the writer’s endeavor should be to pen as such that his reader vicariously experiences the writer’s own experience. The success of a writer presumably depends directly upon the degree at which he/she is able to achieve this objective.

The genesis of Bhupender Gupta’s penchant for writing comes from the time he was the Student’s Union President where writing press notes or letters to Who’s who in the field of Journalism or Politics was a matter of routine. Writing on social issues is therefore a natural corollary.

A technocrat by education and a businessman by profession, schedule made travel an unintended casualty. However the writer  has taken a conscious decision now to travel to exotic destinations, and across the world, and pen his experiences in these blogs. Hence with Politics & Social, Travel shall become the essential part of writing blogs henceforth.

Please read and comment for continuously cementing the writer-reader symbiotic relation.