Month: April 2019

Golden Langurs at Manas National Park, Assam, India

It is 6 am and Tapan is ready with his Safari Jeep to take you for an exciting tour to ‘Kakoijana’ to experience exciting rendezvous with the fable Golden Langurs. Golden Langurs or Trachypithecus geei as they are also called are among the 25 most endangered primates of the World. Luckily these priced animals have found a safe home for themselves at Kakoijana; a place contiguous to the famous Manas National Park. After almost two hours of drive you reach “Kakoijana”. Pay a small entry fees of Rs 20/- and move inside the area filled with tall bamboo trees...

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Manas National Park Assam Day 1.

Wild Life at Manas National Park also known as Manas Tiger Reserve is something that any nature lover should visit at-least once in life time. The flora and fauna of this place is exceptional that has a incredible mixture of wild animals and beautiful birds. As this park extends into the territory of Bhutan its name changes to The Royal Manas National Park.

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