Month: October 2018

Seward to Anchorage and to Denali by Wilderness Express

After disembarking the Seabourn Sojourn at Seward (Alaska) post fascinating 11 day Cruise from Vancouver, you head for a guided tour on a 150 seater Catamaran to the famous 600,000 acre Kenai Fjords National Park (KFNP) before leaving for Anchorage and then to Denali by Wilderness Express. This multi-level cruiser has its cabins fitted with large windows and are kept reasonably heated (outside Temp being in single digit). This low temperature, however unbearable, is matched with equally tangible enthusiasm. Many revelers who crave to witness the wild life at Sea, unhindered, stay put at the top viewing deck to...

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Juneau, Inian Island, Icy Strait; Cruising with Seabourn2Alaska

The last leg of the fascinating 11day cruise from Vancouver to Alaska with Seabourn covering Capital Juneau, Inian Island, Icy Strait and finally Seaward. The excursions gave an exclusive view of exotic marine life like hump back whales, orca whales, sea otters, sea lions as well as bald eagles, sea gulls, glaucous winged gulls, tall necked comorant birds.

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Wrangell, Sitka and Dawes Glaciers on Cruise to Alaska – Part 2.

This is the second part of the blog describing the incredible experience travelling on a eleven day, ten stop cruise with Seabourn from Vancouver in Canada and Seward in Alaska. This part covers the city of Wrangell, Sitka and visit to Dawes Glaciers. The expeditions in all these places are something worth experiencing. The part one of the blog covered City of Ketichkan and Misty Fords.

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