Month: April 2018

Wild & Wilderness at Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Come join me on a Journey to the Wilderness at India’s “ Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve ”. A Jungle Fantasy where Geographical Boundaries blur and conflict of caste creed or religion remains nonexistent. Animals & Birds live to eat and procreate. Pollution is alien and the Law of Nature is ultimate. A chance going through some exceptionally stunning wild life pictures clicked by a good friend captured my imagination. Floored by his hitherto shrouded quality, I called him to congratulate and amidst conversation, the idea of joining him in his impending visit to India’s oldest sanctuary – ‘Corbett National...

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In Paul Gauguin Cruise, ‘Huahine’ to Taha’a in the French Polynesia

The Majestic Paul Gauguin Ship departs from ‘Huahine’ alias “Sexy Woman” and elegantly cruises through the night towards another enchanting Island within the French Polynesia archipelago – “Taha’a”, also known as ‘Motu Mahana’. I wake up to the sweet aroma of Vanilla and Hibiscus that pulls me towards my Cabin’s Gallery from where I witness “Taha’a”, a beautiful flower-shaped island stationed right in front of me. 35 Sq Miles of this sleepy landmass with pillowy mountains has just 500 inhabitants living over it. Once here, strange laid back vibes uncannily catapult you away from your mundane tensions and unworthy...

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