Month: March 2018

Cruise through French Polynesian Islands, with Paul Gauguin. Huahine to begin with.

Cruise through the indescribably beautiful archipelago of French Polynesian Islands, with Paul Gauguin. Sexy ‘Huahine’ to begin with. The exceptionally enchanting and fabled French Polynesian Islands, situated in the heart of South Pacific Ocean, are beautiful enough to create mild tremor in the hearts of tourists visiting them though they themselves are the product of relentless seismic activity that’s been happening over millions of years in this region. The episodic spouting Lava from within the earth’s crust has resulted in the creation of five amazing archipelagos of over 129 islands. Huahine, the first halt of Cruise Ship – Paul...

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Los Angeles, the La-la Land….. The House of Hollywood….. where Stars descend & metamorphose into glittering Humans.

A little over 5 hour drive from Las Vegas, the Sin City in the district of Nevada to the La-la Land, Los Angeles, Cultural Capital in California you pass through wide roads, non-descript deserts and unassuming mountain ranges. Moment you enter the contours of this fabled City, the traffic snarls get thicker and more frequent. Your safety is nevertheless secured as long as your companion, i.e. your GPS remains your friend & Guide. Caution : If you lose your way once, you may have real trouble getting back to your planned route. L.A., nick named ‘City of Angels’, is...

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