Month: November 2017

SCUBA in Goa. Explore a different world, Under Water.

“The happiness of the bee & the dolphins is to exist. For man it is to know that & to wonder at it.” Over 2/3rd or over 75% of our planet is covered with water (71% by Ocean). Humans endeavor to explore a part of the balance 25% that lies over water. We visit Mountains, Forests, Snow clad areas, rivers and even go up to sandy sea shores to experience the ambience of some of the most amazing Beaches in the World. Virtually incomprehensive of a totally different & utterly fascinating world incessantly unfolding a few meters beyond the...

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Pahalgam, in throes of militancy, through my perspective.

A wave of apprehension struck me as Adil, my car driver, tugged my luggage into his car that early morning of mid-June, 2017. We were to leave Srinagar for Pahalgam situated within Anantnag District in South Kashmir, infamous for unprecedented insurgency and bloody militant activity. As Adil inserts the car key into ignition, journey into hitherto fabled dangerous territory commences. Pampore, city on the outskirts of Srinagar exhibited an eerie scenario. Our car accelerated into empty roads where shops with shut shutters were ubiquitous and security forces stood systematically scattered. Surely something was seriously amiss. A terrorist from the...

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