Month: July 2017

PM Modi’s Foreign Visits. Crores spent but who gained ??

What India has ostensibly benefited from PMModiji‘s innumerable foreign trips. Cost to exchequer : Rs. 275 Cr. on just flights (excluding 5 trips whose data is not available).   Report : Narendra Modi has travelled approximately eight_and_a_half times around the globe since assuming the post of Prime Minister of India in 2014. As part of official foreign trips, the Prime Minister has reportedly travelled 3.4 lakh kilometres over the last three years. The PMO website states that PM Modi travelled across 45 countries over 119 days; which is approximately 10 per cent of his time as the PM.   Data which has been made...

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Romancing New Zealand, 11 days, 300 Miles on wheels

Bhupender Gupta tracks from the northern to the southern islands by road and concludes that it is more than the land of Kiwis & Cricketers as Indians believed it to be. It’s a marvelous country that speaks of its grandeur through its surreal landscapes, enchanting lakes, picturesque mountains, pristine forests & most importantly, happy people. New Zealand explains a place to revel for any tourist looking for a perfect holiday. Auckland, the ‘City of Sails’ is where the exciting exploration by road begins. Interestingly, if you come from any Common Wealth Nation, that practice Right Hand drive, you don’t need...

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To live or not to….

EUTHANASIA – SUPREME COURT IGNITES DEBATE   The recent SC observation has triggered passionate debate on the contentious issue of ‘Euthanasia’ that legalises a citizen to take his or her own life, in other words, to choose his/her death. The right to die is an old philosophy that Indians practiced down the ages which was popularly known as ‘Samadhi’, ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Santhara’. This practice permitted giving up one’s own life voluntarily. Incidentally the colonial era law prevented one form voluntary opting of death. (which is against Christian culture) The 2 types of euthanasia include Passive & Active. In passive euthanasia, the life support systems are withdrawn from a person in an irreversible vegetative state or if is terminally ill. Whereas in active euthanasia, even a healthy person, on his own choice, if chooses to die, is administered lethal injection that may cause death say by heart attack. Osho Rajneesh too espoused to permit active euthanasia to people, albeit not below 75, who choose to die by giving themselves a month’s notice during which at any stage they can change their mind & withdraw. The person, during this month can learn to celebrate death by practicing the art of dying through carefully crafted meditative techniques thereby augmenting a peaceful slip into an endless...

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